Datura I, 2013

Datura I

Beautiful and deadly poisonous datura is a weed of witches, by granting a seer visions of Death. In my Datura painting a pale moonflower is taking a mortal being to the nightside. Driven by her endless curiosity, which is demanding to sacrifice everything for the unveiling of the occult. It is depicting human mortality, deeply rooted in the union of nature and self and one’s constant hunger of knowledge.


Clavicula Nox. Photo by Ixaxaar.

Clavicula Nox. Photo by Ixaxaar.

I was really honored being asked to take part of the fifth and final issue of Clavicula Nox, a journal published by the occult publisher and distributor Ixaxaar. Clavicula Nox V: Maleficarum Nigra – Magic and Mayhem was released in the time of Walpurgisnacht 2014, and there still are a few copies left at Ixaxaar’s web store.

The latest issue turned out as a beautiful book full of great dark art and carefully selected collection of articles and rituals, written by various authors, focusing on the darker forms of witchcraft. As I have known Ixaxaar to be devoted and uncompromising of their vision occult publisher, I knew I can expect nothing but a carefully finished, high quality book. I personally love books, I love how they feel and look and smell, and with artistic touch and high quality materials it simply is a piece of art itself. Ixaxaar does an admirable work by unleashing the dark powers to the world and draping the secrets in beautiful wrappings. As a follower of the left hand path I’ve been following their work and was delighted to see my art featured in the book.


A very limited run of Datura fine art prints is now available via Ixaxaar. You can purchase the print in large size (59,4 x 48,9 cm), printed on high quality, Hahnemühle William Turner art paper and blindstamped with IXAXAAR ”Percussimus foedus cum Morte et cum Luciferi fecimus pactum” – logo.

Ixaxaar offers also small editions of other various art featured in Clavicula Nox, as an art lover I really recommend to check those. Wiley Trieff’s detailed and colorful paintings are breathtaking and I absolutely fell in love with Fosco Culto’s little icon. There are only 25 examples per print and the edition is running out fast.

The river of blood

Cain, ink on paper, 2012

Cain, ink on paper, 2012

It’s not the end of the world to make compromises in music. When creative forces are working together, it’s a matter of time.

When it’s more about spirit than music I fully understand that a band quits even though everything goes well. It’s not about compromises then, it’s not about trying to find a consesus. I was still bummed out when The Devil’s Blood announced that they have walked to the end of their road. I had one shirt design ready and a backpatch design as a skecth. It’s obvious that the shirt will not be produced, so the design is going to stay as it is, I’ll never offer it to anyone because everything I decided to draw on it, I drew for The Devil’s Blood. It’s for them and about them.

For me personally, The Devil’s Blood has been one of the most interesting bands that exists nowadays. A deep devotion and a well-thought spiritual concept behind the band which composes great music to gain my full respect. I can’t be anything else than impressed and really flattered when the guitarist and the man behind the concept asked me if I would like work for them.

On their last album The Thousandfold Epicentre the guitarist SL explains the meaning of the Devil’s Blood thoroughly. From this deep introduction to the band I found a story which describers the reincarnation of the true self, a Fireborn soul who has tasted The Devil’s Blood, the river of blood. The blood which defines the race of Cain, the same blood that fills the veins of the individuals who have a strength and will to taste the Devil’s wine, step to the freedom from this wasteland of the cosmic prison and to hold the wisdom and spirit of the chosen ones. Here the First Murdered  is holding the lifeless heart of this materialistic physical world, ready to enslave the old spiritless human corpse with his sickle.

Ironic, that the last design for the band was the sacred death. But I’m utterly happy the fire doesn’t stop burning and Selim Lemouchi continues on his musical path. Eventually when the form changes, the spirit that brings a life to it never dies.

Salvo honoris morte.

In love with a ghost

Lilith, oil on canvas 2012

Lilith, oil on canvas 2012

Painting on the cover of the latest Behexen album was Torog’s idea. Everyone in the band knew the album they were working on was going to be darker, deeper and a real milestone for Behexen. In their own hands they had something that will close one door behind and lead them to a path without signs. The cover must speak the same language.

I knew Torog’s history as an occultist and magician, and his workings with the goddess Lilith. Beautiful and temptating monster from the underworld, which doesn’t leave you alone if you start to work with her. She follows you everywhere, whether you are sleeping or awake, she reminds you of her existence. She leaves signs to the people closest to you, she secretly affects on yours and their minds.

”From suffering and sacrifice was born a new person”, Torog explained to me. ”She showed me doors I didn’t know existed, I felt more than ever. It was pure catharsis.”

The vision he had I was supposed to paint on canvas.

I decided to freeze Lilith to one position, a bit realistic but mostly unmoving and rigid position. It should not look living and moving, I wanted it to be far from a fairytale character, because that’s something she’s not. Iconic instead, it should be seen at the first sight that she is a goddess and the painting is an icon of goddess. Althougth a person doesn’t recognize her, he could still guess it is someone or something.

She’s a cold, distant, but temptating beast. The serpentine body of dark mother Lilith represents her dragon aspect. The poisonous serpent which is the most ancient manifestation of the mother of Sitra Ahra.

I had heard the demos of the upcoming album Nightside Emanations when I started to paint Lilith. The music affected also on my mind when choosing colours, on the Nightside Emanations coldness and fullfilling burning red are building a pressure on a listener, pushing him into to a mind of a magician. The message is dark and cold as a dirty mix of marine blue, the death is a grey shadow over them, but the bright and aggressive red passion burns them to release the monsters.

I painted Lilith a long time. I started when sun went down and couldn’t stop before morning. I wanted to feel the same hysterical trance I imagined there is when you are in love with a ghost. Music, the smell of incense and a late night time had a huge affect to the result. During days I stopped and Torog came to my place to see what I had created on canvas. The end result was 150 cm high painting.

The album was made out of total devotion, so is the painting. It’s not just a work you do, it is an exploration of something inside of you, it is a feeling about what you are doing. Things like technic, style and everything you have learned about art is disappearing, all you care is the colours dancing on a cold dead skin. If you do that long enough, the creature opens her eyes and looks straight to you.


”Lilith, the bloody gate from which the magician of the left hand path tradition has to step through while searching the treasures of the nightside. It leads to Her dark tunnels and one must exceed those spiritual, and even physical obstacles which will be set in front of oneself. One must struggle against the shadows it raises from within, exceed the valleys of melancholy, and in the end one will throw ones past life in the trash bin and will eventually be reborn from fire, the seed of serpent that has always smoldered within oneself.
When going through the darkest times in my life, and getting off from the deepest chasm, while getting her blessing, the thought of bringing her picture ”as seen” was born, corresponding to my visions and sights of her nightly draconian presence, her bloody body in the pale moonlight.

K. Lehto painted the huge painting with oil paints, while I was observing the process behind her back. After many phases and changes the holy picture got finished, and it answered completely to the requirements and expectations that I had set for it…”
-Hoath Torog



The Lilith altar picture was sold with hand painted sigils by Hoath Torog.


Painting was also printed on high quality matte paper. The picture is meant to be used as an altar picture in magical workings, or as a visual image in this world to remind brothers and sisters of their spiritual mother. The limited edition run of 40 hand numbered copies.

Shaman’s witch drum

Shaman, ink on paper 2012

Shaman, ink on paper 2012

The story of Faust, a scholar with insatiable thirst for knowledge sacrificing everything in life for deeper wisdom, is the underlining mythological theme behind the Dutch band Urfaust. For their show in Finland I wanted to transform the idea of Faust into Finnish traditions. Urfaust is presented here as the shaman’s witch drum, a map of the unknown.

In Finland we have a rich history of shamanistic religion. Here the ancient tradition of shamans continued to the edge of the modern era, when the old wise men cherished the skill to see more than with the eyes of the insensitive. Shaman is a messenger who leaves his mortal shell to bring messages from the other side, sometimes taking a form of an animal he’s working with.

In Finnish folklore the River of Tuonela (Underworld) separates our world from the realm of the dead. The Swan swimming in the dark River of Tuonela will in some tales take souls to the Other Side. Waterbirds seen on the right corner are illustrated respecting the form of authentic Finnish rock picture.



Birds in a Karelian rock picture.

Art of the Crimson King

The veins of Crimson Wine are ripped open, the streams run free, downpour in the forest of Arcadia, where the mystic spirits of nature echo like the gentle whispers of Pan.




Crimson Wine is a web archive for Kristiina Lehto, finnish artist and designer. I draw, paint, photograph and all in all love illustrating.

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